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AS6200 "The Antigua Pro-One Saxophone is a leap into the 21st Century." - Peter Ponzol.Redesigning a musical instrument is a daunting and delicate challenge. Peter Ponzol has been designing saxophones for more than three decades, in addition to being a well-traveled and experienced player. Very few people have Peter's understanding of the design principles of the instrument, and the Antigua Pro-One is the ultimate expression of his concepts. As Peter says, "This collaboration finally gets a lifetime of ideas out of my head and into reality. "
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Sxophone
Soprano Saxophone
Antigua Alto Saxophones   Antiqua Tenor Saxophones   Antigua Soprano Saxophones
Where to Find Antigua Pro One Saxophones
Allego Music Oxford 01865 798165 www.saxophoneheaven.com
Curly Music Liverpool 0151 707 9468 www.curlywoodwind.co.uk
Howaths Music London 01942 234668 www.howarth.uk.com
Trevor Jones Music Bristol 01179 227402 www.trevorjonesltd.co.uk
WindBlowers Nottingham 0115 941 0543 windblowers.com
Woodwind & Reed Cambridge 01223 500442 www.wwr.co.uk
Antigua Saxophones
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