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Jodi Head In the Press
Jodi Head has not alwasy been known for her Guitar Straps and her recently released Pet Wear. Jodi has been known in the fashion world for some time with her unique Self-Designed Brassieres
“When Jodi Head walks into a room, there are two things about her that turn heads: her tatoos (which cover her arms and most of her chest) and her bra. No ordinary support structure, Jodi's self-designed covered with everything from beads and rhinestones to pennies, dice, and voodoo charms. The tattoos, which are striking in their own right, pale in comparison with this glittering assemblage.”
September, 1989

Cosmopolitan (above)

American Vogue (above)
British Vogue Meg Ryan (In Joe and the Volcano)  
Italian Vogue (above and below)

May, 1990
(above and right)
Harpers Bazaar
August, 1991
Italian Vogue,
July, 1991
Cosmopolitan, June, 1991 Musician, November, 1990

Star, July 16, 1996
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